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Книга "О вкусном и здоровом мозге"

100 Рецептов как привести мозг к отрофии

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24 January 1989
1984, 2001: a space odyssey, 30 rock, 99 francs, accidentally on purpose, according to jim, american dad, american psycho, archer, army of darkness, black adder, black books, bleach, blue mountain state, bored to death, brazil, breaking bad, californication, clerks, clockwork orange, clone high, code monkeys, columbo, community, coraline, cougar town, cowboy bebop, cromartie high school, death to smoochy, dexter, die blechtrommel, dilbert, doctor detroit, doctor who, dr. house, dragnet, eureka, everybody hates chris, evil dead ii, falling down, family guy, ferris bueller's day off, fortysomething, freebird, frisky dingo, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, gary the rat, gary unmarried, gattaca, grosse fatigue, heaven's door, high anxiety, hung, i sell the dead, ideal, idiocracy, king of the hill, l'opération corned-beef, land of the lost, lie to me, little big soldier, loose cannons, mad men, mallrats, metalocalypse, mighty boosh, monty python, night on earth, nothing, nurse jackie, outlaw star, paper moon, party down, penguins of madagascar, psych, quick change, radioland murders, red heat, repo man, scrubs, sealab 2021, seven years in tibet, shaun of the dead, silent movie, slacker cats, sons of butcher, sons of tucson, south park, spaced, star wars, stir crazy, stripes, superjail!, terry pratchett's going postal, the big bang theory, the blues brothers, the boondocks, the cleveland show, the couch trip, the evil dead, the frisco kid, the great race, the it crowd, the mentalist, the middle, the producers, the simpsons, the vampire's assistant, the world's greatest lover, trigun, ugly americans, v for vendetta, venture bros, watchmen, where the buffalo roam

Social capital

  • less than 10